Tim Plaisted: Projects

Island Fair (Reverse Bungee) Tales from the Cold Ghost II (group show)
Realtime 3D from Game Engine
Careful Messenger Residency, State Library Queensland
Realtime 3D from Game Engine
River's End Site specific installation, Maritime Museum
Realtime 3D from Game software, touch sensors, projection
I Saw Two Things Happening Photo and installation for Interactiva 07, Mexico
Motorised Nintendo DS, Electronics, Software, Text and Aluminium
New TV Exhibition
Raw Space
Peer to Peer Exhibition
Surface Browser Original Commission for NESTA UK. Photo 2004: Australian Culture Now
Software Realtime 3D, Joystick
Handheld reactive and No.12
Software Realtime 3D, Games Console Controller
Contested History Sticker
Straight Out Of Brisbane Festival
24hr Coverage Software process for television output
Television, San Mateo