Hand Held

a show of interactive new media work

opening friday 4th june 04
from 8 til 9pm
@ 12 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley


still from boxc 3d still from boxc 3d still from Surface Browser
still from Hand Held still from Side Project

Stills from:
1,2. boxc 3d (2000, 2003)    
3. Surface Browser 2004. Commission for NESTA UK (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, UK)
4. Untitled (Side Project 2) (became Hand Held), 2004 Interactive realtime 3d (Open GL)
5. Side Project, 2004 (click to enlarge) Interactive realtime 3d (Open GL)

Tim Plaisted

with thanks to The Tourists, The Depot and sponsors.